by The Path of Bisons


1st of March. Spring is coming. This pussy-willow vegetation was a little suprised about unprdictable weather. A few minutes after of this Photo i have meet group of roe deers on a meadow border.


white&blue symbols using as a turist route marks. So it is pleasure looking for my viejsnoryjan  citizenship.


My 1st point of a trip is a bison aviary. The aviary was empty.

article about  aviary

A meeting forester tell me that he make foodcort for bisons and he tryied turn back me.
He was not so polite. I forgoten ask him about a bisons in a canal. On forester pull bison with rope. After a freedom saved bison trying put him by head and make a step under. May by my co-telling was a this brave person

other article  mentioned saving of bison by forester

water lock is a fine position for a photo hunting. I passed gate and elk is coming. Tracks of elk is a single and more largest. I have no navigation, I switch on my cellphone and take a direction to north by inter android application.


I’ m trying to save charge of  cell and camera battery in a warm bag-pocket.

Naliboki is a famouse relict forest. during a WW2 a lot of resistanse troops have accomodation here. Now days it is a fine hidway for animals and criminal spirit producing

cooler system for a alcohole production

Mashing capacity or collector for ready beverage

boller heating pot made from a gas tank.

a nice woodrotstoks looking like a bisons


A bark eating by elk

Some of them a so artistick and butty. Size of them 5 meaters. a Little lakes or caves create under them




Slowly snow motion on a litttle bisons glade



alcohol capacity tank



Bison idol


Finaly I can make photos in a clear part of forest

bisons not only so nice looking and massive. They are very intellegent creatures and pretty good and orienteering. We are moving throu the forest touching a small glades, passing a blend of chanels and other remarable spots. We have no crossing chanels, Bisons have a good knowledge how bypass it without crossing it.


This traveling takes about 6 hours By my feeling we pass about 25 kilometers.


By the bison way a tree with eating skin.

Bisons unlike the persute and trying runaway.

My way to take a water from snow. Warming snow in a plastic bag and final melting in a bottle.

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