Sakartvelo (Georgia) mapping

Sakartvelo (Georgia) mapping
Aliaksei Tomashau
Minsk Belarus 2018

Extrimly fast mapping during travelling


Sakartvelo mapping, Part 1
Abudelauri Lakes
N42°32’39.13″ E44°50’11.96″
field work 17-19.08.2018 about half of day at all
drawing work 29-30.08.2018 about 2 days
Beautiful place. My terms was limited and a lot of details should be drawing later.
abudelauri lakes




Sakartvelo mapping, Part 2
N41°44’38.03″ E44°44’27.83″
Lisi Lake, Tbilisi
field work 20-21.08.2018 about half of day at all
drawing work 27-28.08.2018


.ocd map of 2013 was been stretched according to satellite data as available and orientated to magnetic north.
lisi lake – stretch and rotate


Binding all satellite photos as template and GPS tracks at a right position.
My tracks looking nice on a map after
lisi lake – gps tracks


Result of my job connected with previous map of 2013 as background image.
lisi lake – connection


Just result of my job with Lisi
lisi lake – south side


a. Lisi Lake is a well fine for local training.
b. For international events city map is much better. Old Tbilisi and nearest territory because of ancient buildings, fortress Narikala, Riki Park and glass Bridge of Peace.



c. Abudelauri Lakes is fine for extra difficult events and nice for spectators because of open land.
d. Mountains all anywhere around is fine for training, trailing running, long distance events like adventure races and rogaining.